Periodontal Disease – The Mind & Body Connection

Periodontal Disease Syracuse Dentist
According to research studies a strong connection between periodontal disease and various chronic diseases such as pregnancy complications, heart disease, respiratory disease and diabetes actually exists.

The symptoms of periodontal disease are the existence of a bacteria in the mouth which breeds disease, swelling of the gum tissue and the presence of a periodontal infection beneath the gum line. Putting a stop to the advancement of periodontal illness in combination with high oral hygiene standards not only is the risk of gum disease reduced but also the chances of bone loss and other more grave disease become less probable.

The most frequent co-factors that are linked to periodontal disease are as follows:


According to studies performed it has been found that those with a pre-existing diabetic condition have higher risk factors of contracting periodontal disease if they do not already have it. Higher levels of blood sugar are existent with periodontal disease so being able to control glucose levels becomes more difficult, this in itself can complicate an individual’s diabetes.

Diabetes causes the blood vessels to thicken making it more difficult for the mouth to get rid of unnecessary sugars, high levels of sugar in the mouth makes for an unhealthy breeding ground of bacterias which can cause all sorts of gum diseases.

Heart Diseases

Many a hypothesis on the connection between periodontitis and heart disease exist one of which is that the strains of oral bacteria which have a tendency to aggravate periodontal disease latch on to the coronary arteries as the enter your bloodstream. This can cause not only the formation of blood clots but also cause the coronary arteries to narrow which can result in a heart attack.

The nest most probable link between them is the swelling brought on by periodontal disease brings about a large amount of plaque buildup which can cause the arteries to swell and worsen an already critical heart condition. It was suggested in an article which was published by the American Academy of Periodontology that individuals who have a reaction to periodontal disease have a higher risk of developing a heart disease.

Complications During Pregnancy

Due to hormonal fluctuations which occur during puberty, pregnancy or menopause women have a higher risk factor of developing periodontal disease which can cause preeclampsia, a child born underweight and even a premature delivery.

With periodontitis higher levels of prostaglandin which is a labor inducing chemical are produced. High levels of prostaglandin can provoke premature births and cause an otherwise healthy baby to be born underweight. C-reactive protein levels are also increased due to periodontal disease and high levels of C-reactive protein have been directly connected to heart disease, on top of that elevated levels of said proteins tend to increase the inflammatory response of your body which increases your risk of preeclampsia and an underweight child.

Respiratory Disease

The bacteria which has been directly linked to oral disease has proven to possibly bring about or make worse existing conditions such as pneumonia, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or emphysema. During the course of day to day breathing oral bacteria can be drawn into the lower respiratory system and breed therefore bringing about all sorts of bacterial infections. Research has shown that infections which are continuously repeated with similar traits to COPD may be directly associated with periodontitis.

Bacterial infection and gum inflammation are the least of your worries, these conditions can lead to even more serious ones such as inflammation in the lining of your lungs which can make pneumonia worse. If you suffer from persistent or chronic respiratory conditions your immunity levels are probably already quite low which makes it easier for bacteria to breed underneath your gum area and your immune system will not be able to deal with it.

Periodontal disease and your oral health in general should not be left unattended, take the time to get a check up with your Syracuse dentist and discuss these important issues. Make sure you follow your oral specialists advice and prevent or tend to any unnecessary oral conditions.