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Fighting Halitosis and Keeping your Breath Fresh as a Syracuse Foodie

Start with Fried dough at the Syracuse fair – divine.

Paired with a Slo’ Mo IPa from Syracuse’s own Empire Brewing-sheer ambrosia.

End with chocolate covered bacon from the Bacon Bandits-where has this masterpiece been all my life?!

syracuse-street-festivalFestivals like the Taste of Syracuse is a foodie’s playground, but all those flavors can sour on your breath and give you a less than appealing allure during the holidays. When it comes to fresh breath for that moment under the mistletoe, we’ve got you covered.

Your local convenience store is loaded with products that are small enough to tuck into a pocket to use at a discreet moment in the evening. These handy products come in forms such as Listerine strips or pocket mist.

For some, this product might be like spritzing air freshener into a septic tank. If you prefer to attack the odor at its source, the bumpy surface of the tongue is a likely culprit for harboring odor causing bacteria (PubMed). Bacteria, if left undisturbed, can snack on the same foods you do, and emit a sulfur compound that is detected by the nose as bad breath. Removing that layer of bacteria will, in turn, eliminate bad breath.

A tongue scraper is a small, portable tool that can remove the bacteria on your tongue and help eliminate bad breath on the go. The layer of bacteria on your tongue is thickest and smelliest in the morning, hence morning breath. You can take a preventative measure against bad breath each day by gently brushing your tongue with your toothbrush in the morning.

If you don’t take stock in dental gadgets, take it back to the caveman days and switch to a high fiber diet. Studies show that a diet high in fiber can disrupt the layer of bacteria on the tongue to reduce bad breath (PubMed), so eat a salad; get a jump start on your new year’s diet and knock out bad breath all at once.

Another haven for bad breath bacteria is on teeth and gums. Regular brushing and flossing, once in the morning and once at night, will go a long way to keep your breath fresh. Mouthwash with antibacterial properties can’t compete with the power of brushing and flossing, but it can be a good adjunct to hold the bacteria at bay and keep your breath fresh for longer.

bad-breathIf you aren’t comfortable with the ingredients in modern mouthwashes, take a cue from a thousand-year-old tradition from the East. Studies show that catechins in green tea (no sugar added) have antibacterial properties that can inhibit odor producing bacteria (PubMed). Plus, it’s loaded with antioxidants to keep you young, so drink up!

If you find that you have chronic bad breath, visit your dentist in Syracuse and express your concerns. There may be an area that your toothbrush is missing, or you may require a deep cleaning of pockets below your gum line that only the hygienist can get reach. An alternative is that your bad breath may not originate from your mouth; some bad breath is caused by liver issues or other systemic problems. Your dentist and physician can work with you to determine the root cause of your chronic bad breath.

This holiday season, enjoy the tasty food that Syracuse has to offer, and don’t let bad breath hold you back from mingling in close this year.