What to do if you slip in an Icy Syracuse Winter and Chip or lose a tooth 2017-05-22T07:24:01+00:00

Freezing Syracuse Winters Greatly Increase the Chance of Falling.  Recover Quickly from a Chipped or Lost Tooth, with These Tips.

frozen Syracuse sidewalk

The Syracuse cold front the weatherman promised arrived with freezing rain and a side of sleet. You contemplate calling your boss and feigning an acute case of bronchitis,
but instead, you throw on your Carpe Diem undies beneath your work clothes, bundle up, and brew an extra strong venti soy mocha frappulatteccino, easy on the sugar.

You breathe in the crisp Syracuse winter air, step out onto a sheet of ice, and bite the concrete. Now, you have a legitimate excuse for your boss, on the downside, your teeth are in rough shape.

We’re here to help you through it, and all your dental crises.

Before you evaluate your teeth: if you have a concussion or headache, visit with your doctor first to rule out the possibility of a brain injury. Remember that brain injuries are prioritized over dental trauma.

Your Tooth Is Painful and Loose or Chipped.

Avoid eating hard foods or moving the tooth with your tongue. Visit your Syracuse dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist may splint the tooth for your comfort, and evaluate it for further treatment.

You Lost A Tooth.

Get yourself and your tooth to the dentist as soon as possible. Your prognosis will be best if you can get to your Syracuse dentist within two hours after the accident.

Pick the tooth up by the crown (white part) and avoid touching the root (yellow part that fits into your gums). Gently rinse the tooth under cold running water for 10 seconds to wash off any debris. There are a few ways to store the tooth for transport to the dentist.

  1. If possible, gently place the tooth into the socket and bite down on a soft cloth to hold the tooth in place.
  2. If it is too painful to replace the tooth in the socket, place the tooth between your cheek and teeth to keep it moist with saliva.
  3. If the tooth could become a choking hazard as in the case of a very small child, unconsciousness, or severe inebriation, store the tooth in a cup of milk, or, if possible, spit into a cup and store the tooth in the saliva.
  4. The best storage solution for the tooth is Hank’s balanced storage medium or saline. Most people don’t keep this on hand, but if you are in a contact sport or coach one, it would be advisable to keep it as part of your first aid kit and use sports mouth guards as a preventative measure.
  5. It is not advisable to store the tooth in water.

Your Child Has Lost A Primary (baby) Tooth By Trauma.

Do not replace primary teeth. Check to see which teeth in the mouth are missing and make sure all lost teeth are accounted for.

Take the child to the dentist to verify the stability of other teeth in the region of trauma and to locate teeth that were not accounted for. The Dentist may also place a space maintainer to prevent the need for extensive orthodontic work in the future.

For additional information please reference the lost tooth guide or call the Swartwood Syracuse Dental office at 315-469-7722 to help.